You see every day thousands of cars, vans, trucks and other kind of vehicle on the roads. Many of them are late models and so many are of old makes. Manufacturers stopped making old models by introducing new model vehicle with state-of-the-art technology. So, car owners continuously upgrade their vehicles after selling old ones and getting money.

So, here is the question which comes into mind. Where old vehicles go. Is there any specific place for dumping old, scrap, junk or broken vehicles. Or after buying old vehicles, dealers sell them after repairing them. The answer lies in the condition of vehicle. When dealers buy a car, they check the following things:

  • How much it can cost to get roadworthy for a specific car
  • How much time it will take to repair a car that is not running
  • Are the parts of that specific vehicle are available in the market
  • Will this type of car has still some value in auto market

After getting the answer of all these question, dealer, based on their experience think to repair the vehicle. They buy parts at cheap prices and repair them and then resell the cars at good profit rate.

Another question which often comes into mind that if vehicle is beyond repair and cost is too much to fix car problem. Then where is the best place for this kind of vehicle. Answer of this question lies in the car itself. There are two best places for these sort of cars.

Car Wreckers – Cash for Wrecked Cars

First place is car wreckers where you can call and ask the expert to wreck your car. Normally wreckers park cars, vans, trucks in their big yards and mechanics visits the places for used parts at cheap price. With this situation, car owners get some price for the car with free car removal service and all the paper work done. You don’t need any roadworthy or fixes to sell your car to wreckers. Selling your vehicle for wrecking and get money for your car is the name of cash for cars service.

Auto Recycling – Cash for Recycling Cars

Second and final place for any old or junk vehicle is car recycling place. If your vehicle is incomplete or missing some major part and too much bad damaged. Then car recycling are the best way to sell your car. You might get money depending on the car make or model with free removal in this situation. These recycle company will put your old vehicle into shredder to recycle your car as is. And it will be converted into scrap metal later on. Getting money for your old or wrecked vehicle is called as cash for scrap cars service. You might see many companies in your area providing that kind of services.

If you have any car for wrecking, recycling or salvage, just find out best wrecker or recycler in your area and you can get somehow money for your vehicle.