Impact of Old Cars on Environment

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Impact of Old Cars on Environment

Cars and trucks are one of the most important invention of today’s world. We use cars for majority of traveling including leisure and work commute. It was a luxury in the past but, now it’s something that, you cannot neglect. We use cars to travel to our work, or use it to move around in city. We take our cars almost everywhere where we are going. A vehicle is a transport medium that we take along almost everywhere with us.

With such a high dependency, cars demand is at all-time high. We are seeing newer cars better cars being produced almost everywhere. There are companies who are ahead of their time and are making sure that, every new car is better, more efficient, and with advance features it is better to go for a newer model as it saves you fuel cost plus it is also under warranty.
It is a universal fact that, old cars needs maintenance and repairs, with each year its efficiency declines. If same model car is compared with newer car of the company, there would be contrast differences that will show the CO2 emissions, fuel mileage, and other car related measurement to be different. It is because once you put car on road, it is under continuous pressure from road friction, heat, engine heat and all.

We get old with age and a car’s useful age depending on its usage and care can be three year, five years or in most cases 7 years. That, is why if you check most of companies they will give warranty for up to three years on most of the cars. Due to tough competition as mentioned above some companies have gone far and beyond with their assurance and have provided five years of warranty and Kia gives Seven years warranty. This is due to immense competition to grab a customer. This shows that, due to technological advancement and improved cars the car manufacturers are confident of their mechanical vehicles. They back their claim with Research and Analysis that, happens in their test labs. We see a huge amount is spent in the Research and Development of the newer cars. Engineers learn from past mistakes and tune what is already a success.

Given that your finances can allow you to change your existing car, you should always go for good cars with good ratings which is easily found on the company’s website or other such websites that, offer free car advice and their performance ratings compared to others. By buying a new car you save the environment as new technology need less resources and has less environmental impact. With technologies such as hybrid, electric cars we are aiming towards zero carbon emission. Global warming is a threat to everyone and our use of resources is making it a problem for us.

There are companies who deal in particular make and model sale and purchase or offer wide variety in their business. Car wreckers specialize in buying and selling of second hand cars to those who are buying their first car or second car depending on their use. This in turn would help you do your daily commute to make your life easy.

Or if you think your car’s useful life is over or it is giving you trouble with high maintenance than it best to send it to wreckers who can recycle what can be used and then shred the rest of the car body to be reused for something else. It is important to know here that, cars will only attract a fraction of price what is used to be despite the condition it is in. The reason the merit will be based on its weight and parts rather than make and model. Without a good engine a car is not worth anything as engine is the heart of the car and if the heart has problem rest of the car is just metal.

Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Condition

I will following this discussion with few hints on how to manage and keep your car in good health. These are easy steps and it ensures longer age for your vehicle.

  1. Check your tyres pressure regularly, as it is not only safer to drive a balanced car but also cheaper due to less fuel cost. Motor cars should be checked weekly for its tyre pressures.
  2. Check water in radiator so your engine runs smooth. Engine can over heat if you don’t take care of the coolant level in radiators.
  3. Check Oil in engine regularly. It is important to know that your engine needs lubrication to let it run and drive you around. It is a healthy habit to check at least a month your oil levels. Too much or too little from its acceptable range can harm your engine. Engine oil needs to be replaced after some point as advised by mechanic or after certain time period.
  4. Check brakes for its power in at least six months. People should be aware that, brakes is one of the most important part of a car. It help you steer the car into different direction with various speed. Brakes let you handle the car at various speeds. So it is a good exercise to let your mechanic check your brake pads for its power and useful life at least twice a year.

Your car is an asset and it deserves to be check for its health. The more you use your car the more it needs to be checked for its general health and viability. It is a good practice to check your car for its fault and repairs minimum once a year. This will ensure your car is always running and is on road taking you everywhere that you want it to be.

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