What is the best time for selling your old car? Will you be able to get some cash for your old car that is too much costly to repair? Do I need to keep my old car which still runs and drives well? These are the questions which comes in the mind of every vehicle owner that owns a car that is now old. Answers of these questions depend on scenario and circumstances. We will discuss each and every aspect of these questions with every angle.

The first question is what is the most suitable time for selling an old and used car. The answers for this question may be multiple depending on situation. If your vehicle is running and going well and is fuel consumption is economic then you probably don’t need to sell your car without a solid reason. If you feel there are many mechanical problems in your car and it can take a reasonable amount of money in repairs. Then you don’t need to spend any money on it. The logical reason behind not spending money on an old car is that you might not be able resell your car in good money. Besides, mechanical repairs might not give you guarantee that your vehicle will run smoothly and will have no more problems in future.

The second question is that will old vehicle owner will be able to get money for the vehicle. Answer lies in specifications of vehicle like make, model, age and condition of vehicle. You can get more money if your vehicle is of Japanese and it’s not too old. You might face difficulty in selling car of mid or early 80s because of age. And probably auto wreckers might be a good place for selling those old cars.

The third question is do I need to keep my old car which still runs and goes beautiful. Buying new car because of your income increase is a separate thing. Otherwise if your old vehicle is starts and drives smoothly, then you might need to keep it as long as it has good fuel consumption as well as no mechanical problems like engine problem, radiator or oil lead or transmission problem. So, you need to keep in mind about all which has been discussed above.

If your old is damaged, smash or accident then of course you don’t need to spend a single dollar, just call car wreckers and sell your car for recycling or disposal otherwise cash for cars companies are good option for you where you can sell your car for good money.