Melbourne Car Wrecker is Melbourne’s top cash for cars company who wreck Old Car, Scrap Car, junk, unwanted and damage cars. We buy them and car wreckers them in our collection centres. We pay top and instant cash payment up to $15,999 on same day. We happily buy all cars, vans, trucks, Utes and 4wds of all makes, models, year and condition.Cash for Cars Melbourne

Car Removal Melbourne is the Melbourne’s leading cash for cars Service. Melbourne Car Removal buy and wreck your old car in our collection centres, paying top dollar up to $15,999 on same day. If you’re looking to get rid of that scrap heap at home or collectable classics we would be happy with them too!

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Fast Free Car Removal Service

Cash for cars Melbourne company that buys and wrecks Old Car, Scrap Car, junk. We are Melbourne’s leading Cash For Cars Company who pay up to $15,999 on the spot with free car removal services ! We buy all car makes and models (both new or old) regardless of condition so you can get rid of your vehicle in a quick hassle free way.

Do you’ve a car that you are unable to sell? Want to get rid of your old Car or damage car? Looking for a car buyer Melbourne who can buy your car who have so many issue? Then get ready to eliminate the headache of selling your old car that has so many mechanical problems and extra fuel costs.


Melbourne’s Cash For Cars pay the highest amount for your car all around Melbourne. We work around the clock 24×7 and whenever you want to get your car out, we will be there. We are part of Metro Auto Recyclers Pty Ltd, a group of car enthusiasts dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of motoring. When vehicles exceed their usefulness, they become a complex collection of elements, of which some are toxic. So we remove cars around Melbourne and recycle them. By recycling, reusing, refining and reassigning we can reduce the total output of waste from hundreds of kilograms to less than 2 kilograms.

Call Top Cash for Cars Melbourne for Cash Payment

All you need to do is tell us the details of your car and our team will provide an free quote for you. Call us on the phone for an instant quote with free towing. Our Car Removal Company offer Cash Prices are Better then other car removal companies. We Accept Scrap cars or Junk Car for wrecking in our scrap yard.

How Cash For Cars Works

Cash for cars is a convenient way of selling your car for cash. Gold Car Removals offer the highest instant cash rates in Melbourne as well as the service that generally takes less than an hour to complete. With our simple process, it’s no wonder that thousands of happy customers are choosing to buy their cars for cash – it’s no longer easy to sell your car.

Scrap Car Removal Melbourne

Cars for Cash Melbourne buy all these types of cars for wrecking and pay right price for your car on same day. Just call 03 9012 5986 and get a quick price quote from our car evaluation expert. If you feel convenient with it, then book your for car wrecking services with us. We’ll come to car location and will remove your car with any removal charges after giving you cash for your car and paperwork.

Cash for Scrap, Junk, Damaged, Old, Unwanted vehicles

If your vehicle is beyond repair, and you don’t have the time or patience to sell it on Gumtree for a meagre consolation prize; then don’t worry! Melbourne Auto wreckers are here at-the ready. Whether its an old beater that’s too expensive to fix up, or just something in between with plenty of life left but not enough value.

Cash for Cars Melbourne is friendly and professional service can help get rid of it right off your hands without any hassle whatsoever. All you need to do is give us a call today over 03 9012 5986 where one our expert will provide you with the current (and guaranteed!) market price quote so there won’t be any nasty surprises when they show up out front tomorrow morning waiting expectantly by their tow truck.

Get Cash for Cars up to $15,999 for Car

Cash for car wrecking in MelbourneDon’t sell your old or damage car cheap. Get right price for your car from Melbourne car wrecker. Cash for Cars service at Melbourne car wrecker give best possible cash amount that may go up to $15,999. Car Removals evaluate car prices on the basis of make, mode, year and overall condition of the car.

On the basis of all these factors our car price expert evaluate your car and give top prices over the phone that no other company can match.

Don’t sell your old or damaged car cheap. Get the right price for it when you call Melbourne cash for cars because we give up to $15,999 on top of what other companies offer! We assess a vehicle’s worth based on its make, model year and overall condition before telling you over the phone how much money they’re willing to pay.

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Cash for cars trucks and commercial vehicle wrecking

Cash for trucksIf you’ve a truck that is old, damage or unwanted car and you want to sell and wreck it on same day then choose Melbourne car wreckers as your top choice. Cash for Car Melbourne service buy trucks as well as all sort of commercial vehicles for wrecking in Melbourne.

Attention all vehicle owners or car sellers : Our Cash for Car service pay on spot instant cash up to $15,999 for all trucks and light commercial vehicles. We buy Isuzu, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, DAF, Mercedes Benz, Ford and all other makes. It doesn’t matter what’s the condition of your truck is, we’ll buy it for wrecking and will take it to our wrecking centre after paying you quoted price.

Free vehicle removal for wrecking

Car removal for wrecking in MelbourneDo you’ve a dead or not running car, don’t fix it for removal or selling your car. We at Melbourne car removals arrange free pick up and removal of all sort of dead cars. This service is free of cost and you can get this service on same day with getting cash for your car wrecking.

We don’t car about the internal or external problem for removal but it should be complete with all main parts. Our car removal services is also free for all other vehicles like trucks, vans, 4wds and utes.

We’re the best Melbourne car Removals and we buy all sorts of trucks. If you’ve an old, damaged truck that’s unwanted or if your vehicle needs to be wrecked then just contact us – our Cash for Cars service will pay instant cash on spot up to $15,999 so there are no worries about value!

Our Cash for Cars Removals & Car Disposal Service

car wrecking for cash in MelbourneWhen you choose car removal Melbourne to dispose off your vehicle, then be calm we have eco friendly car disposal system. And the proof is our LMCT license. LMCT license ensures every car owner and government that every car will dispose off according to environment friendly rules and standards which are set by government and environment protection agencies.

After disposal of every vehicle, we pull out reusable parts and remaining vehicle is recycled and converted into raw metal. Get more useful info regarding cash for old cars and car removals by clicking on the links.

In 2018 Victoria Government Has Banned Paying Cash For Scrap Cars And Scrap Vehicle Metal. Only Payment Via Can Be Made Via Electronic Transfer. For More Information Visit :

Instant Cash Payments on the Spot & Same Day Pickup

When you choose Melbourne Car Removal to dispose of your vehicle, then be at ease. We have an eco-friendly system that will ensure the disposal is according to environment standards and government regulations for protecting the environment. Besides recycling reusable parts from cars after they are disposed off, we convert what remains into raw metal which can be used in other products like recycled steel or aluminium cans!

Melbourne car Removal are the environmentally friendly way to dispose off your vehicle. We Buy Cars have an LMCT license and all cars will be disposed of according to environment protection agencies’ standards which can ensure you that we won’t harm anyone or anything in this process! Want cash for old cars then call on 03 9012 5986