QUESTION: Do you offer free removal to any suburb of Melbourne?

Yes, if you are living in any Melbourne metro suburb, then we offer free of cost car removal service.

QUESTION: Do I need to take off the plates when selling my car for wrecking?

Yes, if you are selling your car for wrecking, then you need to take of the number plates. If you are selling it with the rego, then you are not authorize to remove plates.

QUESTION: I have taken out some parts of vehicle, will you still pick up this car?

First of all, your car should be complete in order to wreck it. Our price quote is for complete cars. If your car is missing running gears, then we charge customer for removal of those vehicles.

QUESTION: Is your vehicle price is fix depending on make and model?

Our vehicle prices are not fixed. You need to tell details of your vehicle our experts and depending on that details, we will quote price.

QUESTION: What do I need to do if I am selling car without title?

We just need your driver’s license with proof of address to buy your vehicle without title.

QUESTION: How you will pay me when buying my car?

We normally pay cash on the spot for all kind of vehicle. If you want bank transfer then you need to tell us.

QUESTION: How long it can take for removal of my old car?

Normally it takes two to three hours for complete process of car removal after your booking depending on your availability.

QUESTION: Do you buy burn or stolen vehicles?

Our company does not buy stolen or burn vehicles. We check the status of vehicle before buying your car.

QUESTION: Do I need to complete the paper work before you come?

You don’t have to do anything when selling your vehicle. It is our responsibility to complete all the paper work regarding your car selling.

QUESTION: Do you sell vehicle parts from wrecked vehicles?

Depending on parts availability, we can sell it to you at a very nominal price.

QUESTION: Can I sell someone else car like my friend or wife?

Yes, but we need authorization and your driver’s license when buying someone else car. Moreover we check the status of vehicle when picking up any car.