Are you keeping a broken and unwanted junk car inside your property? By now, I know that it’s often regarded as an eyesore by family and other visitors. However, aside from being a nuisance, did you know that junk cars also have a lot of negative impact towards your health as well as the overall environment? There are several car removals and car wreckers and they always insist that you sell your scrap car for cash. However, they don’t always provide a comprehensive explanation as to why you should do it.

Today, with the help of our car recycling experts at auto wreckers, we will list down some of the potential hazards of leaving a junk car on your property.

Chemical Leakage

All vehicles contain various kinds of harmful substances that could do some very serious damage to the environment. The chemicals include brake fluid, gasoline or diesel, motor oil, and transmission fluid. Junk cars that have been left outside under the harsh power of the elements will eventually develop holes due to corrosion.

Once these substances seep into the soil or concrete, they will contaminate our precious groundwater sources. Of course, nobody wants to use water that is filled with dangerous chemicals, so why risk yourself, your family, or your pets?

Junk Car can Act as Traps

Yes, you read that right. Did you know that there have been several reported cases of children and animals dying after being trapped inside a used junk car? Young children are especially at risk of locking themselves inside a car while playing around. Sometimes, when they play games like hide-and-seek, kids see junk cars as ideal hiding places. So what do they do? They go inside, close the doors, and lock themselves in. When left, they could get hurt or even die because of suffocation, hunger, thirst, or even the heat.

Animals like dogs, cats, birds, and other creatures have been found dead after being locked inside for weeks. Keep our city safe and sell your junk car to car recycling in your nearest scrap yard.

Effects on Health

Most abandoned and unwanted cars are already rusty and filthy. If you cut yourself in an exposed jagged metal part, you could get infected with the Clostridium tetani bacteria which causes the deadly Tetanus infection.

Moreover, chemicals that leak from the car to the ground could be ingested by pets like dogs and cats, which can harm or even kill the animal.

Get Rid of Junk Cars for Cash

Instead of letting your unwanted auto rot in your garage — putting yourself and your family in danger — sell it to car wreckers. We are a auto wreckers company that safely evacuates vehicles for free. What’s better is that we offer cash for junk cars depending on condition, so not only will you get rid of garbage, you’ll also get cash in return!