Selling a car privately always a time consuming process. After putting your vehicle advertisement online, you answer call, negotiations, roadworthy certificates, and changing vehicle prices is a tough job. Cash for old car provide best platform for car sellers to off load their vehicle with reasonable cash. We provide a fastest way to sell a car. To make it more quick, you need to keep in mind some things, which will help you as well as our car removal team.

Clear Towing Access For Vehicle Pick up

Once you book your car for a pick up. Make sure you ask if the company is sending a tow truck or trailer for the car pick up. This information is vital as it will determine if you have enough space for the tow truck operator to lower the tray and bring the car up. We find that, many customers do follow the instructions but, some forget to clear the way and then they have to re book for their car pick up because of not having a clear way. You also need to park your car so that it can easily be towed away by vehicle removal team. For more information, just read about our free car removal service.

Choosing the right time is crucial as well. Picking up cars in morning peak timings or late afternoon is hard from congested roads or city. This can sometimes cause unnecessary delays which will delay the pickup of your unwanted car. We always ask our valued customers to make sure we have a clear access for your cars. We do not pick cars parked in building basement, or cars parked in upper floors of city buildings, cars abandoned in bushes, parked on bus stops etc. We also request that, you have the car key ready as by law without proper authentication we cannot pick a car if it is not under your name.

Remove Personal Belongings

This point is one of the most important to remember as many at times customer while booking for their unwanted cars forget to take their important items out of car such as CDs, money, radio, books etc. We get calls on regular basis for items left such as mobiles, glasses, books, iPod etc. we do not guarantee or we are not liable if you cannot find your items after your car is towed away. Usually we dismantle and throw away any unwanted stuff out of car.

Personal belongings also include your car e-tag and registration plate if car isld without it. Leaving them behind can warrant unwanted stress as it can be still running or for registration plates you can get refund if you decide to take it back to Vic Roads. Otherwise cash for car companies can pay you for your remaining registration, if you are keen to sell it with title.

Final Inspection of Cars

As mentioned when the two steps is done make sure that, you check your car again before the car is put of the tow truck and Check your car make sure everything is removed. If by this stage you forgot to take out your registration plates make sure to ask the friendly driver to help you in taking them out. As they have basic tools to help them operate. After the car is loaded, the final stage is to provide your identity document such as your license so they can document on the Receipt paper which is a valid proof and the cash which is based on second assessment live when our representative is there. When everything is in order you will get your cash and receipt for sale of car and our company tows the car away from the location.

Check your car thoroughly once again to make sure, your are getting right money for car wrecking, with all paper work. Auto salvage companies might pay you money for your scrap or junk vehicle, only if your vehicle is complete.